MR2 – WinFix

One of the most common broken parts on an MR2 is the power window switch unit.

When owner try to lever the control out of the door incorrectly they often break the tab that secures it into the door, leaving it rising proud of the armrest and liable to move when you use the switches. Even replacing like-for-like, a significant number of the controls on the secondhand market are also broken.

However the WinFix solves this issue at much lower cost than than replacing the entire unit and is very easy to fit…

Toyota designed the driver and passenger door controls differently. For the passenger side controls the WinFix needs to be secured via epoxy resin, as the larger switchgear that secures it on the driver’s side is not present.

WinFix is based on a design by Terranova (cc-by-4.0) and the modified design can be downloaded from the thingiverse remix (cc-by-4.0).