MR2 – Auto Passenger Window

In fifteen years in the MR2 community, I’ve seen many people ask how to make their passenger window automatic and never seen a workable answer proposed… until now!

The AutoWin connects the passenger window to the driver’s side automatic function so that both windows can automatically move together. On unmodified vehicles this provides automatic opening only – when combined with the well known driver’s side auto-up mod it also provides synchronised, automatic closure.

This is particularly helpful to TBar owners who may regularly want to move both windows simultaneously without needing to hold the switch for a prolonged period of time.

The AutoWin is designed to feel as intuitive and “OEM” as possible, within the restrictions of the Toyota switchgear, so when not deliberately activating the product your windows will work as normal.

The product comprises of a printed circuit board, plug-and-play wiring loom and 3D printed enclosure. It is shipped pre-assembled and tested with black and white copy of the installation and use instructions.

This product does not provide an automatic function for the passenger window independent of the driver’s side. Designs to provide this were considered, but the limitations of the Toyota switchgear would generally result in unintuitive behaviour and/or annoying side-effects.