Geek of the Road produces unique, low volume modifications to subtly modernise the Toyota MR2 mk2 (SW20) using a combination of 3D printing, bespoke wiring looms and electronic circuits. The intent is made to make parts look and behave like they belong, as if the car was like that from the factory rather than having parts bolted on.

Having been part of the MR2 community since 2006, my products are born out of seeing the same requests again and again (eg. “How do I make the passenger window automatic?”), but never seeing answers appear, let alone solutions simple enough for the majority of owners to be able to attempt. Where I can, I want to change that!

Centre Console Cup Holder

A new and unique solution to the question of how to add cup holders to your MR2. Designed to look and feel as “OEM” as possible with simple, non-destructive installation.


An easy fix to the common but annoying issue of the window controls not sitting correctly due to a broken tab.


A simple place to put the fuel filler cap when at the pump. Produced under license from Eamaroc 3D in the USA to provide lower shipping costs to European buyers.

Steering Wheel Controls

Coming Up… Maybe? A method to add stereo controls to your aftermarket steering wheel.

Automatic Passenger Window (Discontinued)

A module designed to intuitively allow passenger and driver’s windows to move as a pair on the MR2, which is particularly helpful to TBar owners. When combined with the well know auto-up mod for the driver’s window it effectively adds automatic operation to the passenger side window.

Some parts may be generic enough to fit other vehicles, however that will be untested by Geek of the Road.