MR2 – Cup Holder

Cup holders… the MR2 didn’t come with any and owners have been arguing about them ever since.

There are a few options for cup holders already, from DIY hacks to expensive commercial products. But none really feels like it belongs in the car without getting in the way of something… so I designed my own!

With lines that perfectly compliment the car’s interior and space for two drinks, this holder almost feels like it could have been there from the factory. Accepting cups or drink bottles with diameters up to 79mm, a spring mechanism makes this suitable for items such as standard 330ml drinks cans or 450ml travel cups.

Available in both right and left hand drive variants, the asymmetric design allows space for driver’s arm along the centre console to minimise interference when shifting. It is securely clamped in place by the centre storage box, making installation extremely easy.

3D printed in ASA, a heat and UV resistant plastic, this cup holder is very quick and easy to install with no drilling or adhesive needed. (A centre storage box is required)

The spring mechanisms are printed from PETG due to its flexible properties. As its longevity is not yet known, the spring design has been made available on Thingiverse so you can print your own replacements, print your own accent colours or even customise the design to your needs.